Over 20 years experience in advising on
Research and Development applications...

We offer a grant review service designed to help organisations dramatically improve the quality of their Innovate UK Research & Development grant applications.

Principal Stephen Colter has been involved in grant consultancy since 1995.

At that time he advised on the UK’s flagship R&D scheme which was managed by the DTI. These grants were superceded by the R&D grants introduced by the Regional Development Agencies (RDA’s). Further changes were made when the RDA’s were abolished. The Technology Strategy Board was formed, renamed Innovate UK, and now manages a range of R&D grants which are summarised in the Innovation UK section.

You know your project better than anyone and no-one is able to speak more passionately about it than you. But sometimes knowing the project so well can often be a problem when writing an effective grant application.

We apply an expert eye on your application to ensure it is focused on Innovate UK specific grant objectives and that your message is clear and consistent.

Stephen Colter is a seasoned grant funding professional who:

  • is a specialist in R&D grant funding applications.
  • can assess your application in an objective and dispassionate way.
  • can use his 20 year plus knowledge of different R&D funding providers and previous successful applications to make sure your bid meets funder objectives as much as possible.

We can help any staff member who has identified an appropriate funding opportunity and who is preparing an initial draft application.

Consultancy rates vary depending on the third party provider chosen and the extent of the service required.